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You’re a homeowner in Dubai who wants the best for your garden and lawn. As a resident of this hot desert climate, you know how difficult it can be to keep your greenery healthy and vibrant, especially in the long, dry summer months. The intense sun and heat can quickly dry out soil and stress plants if left unprotected. However, there are steps you can take to shield your garden from the elements while also enhancing its beauty. One of the most effective means is mulching.


Mulching involves applying a layer of material over the soil surrounding plants to help them retain moisture, prevent weed growth, and regulate soil temperature. Not only does mulching make your garden more attractive, but it also creates an ideal environment for your plants to thrive. Dubai Repairs, a professional landscaping company, offers premium mulching services using organic materials to keep your garden looking lush all year round. With our mulching treatment, you can ensure your lawn and plants stay green and continue to blossom even in the hottest summer weather.

Why Mulching Is Important for Your Garden?

Mulching provides several benefits to your garden. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture by reducing evaporation, preventing the need for frequent watering. It suppresses weeds that compete with plants for water and nutrients. Mulch also enriches the soil as it decomposes, adding organic matter that improves soil structure and provides nutrients to your plants. There are many options for mulch, including inorganic materials such as rocks or stones, and organic materials such as wood chips, grass clippings, leaves, compost, or pine needles. Organic mulches decompose over time and must be reapplied, but they improve soil health as they break down. Inorganic mulches do not decompose but may need to be removed and reapplied periodically.

The appropriate depth of mulch depends on the material but should generally be 2 to 3 inches deep. Apply mulch over damp soil and pull it away from plant stems to prevent disease. As the mulch decomposes, it will settle and should be topped off to maintain depth. Mulching your garden beds provides benefits to your plants and the soil. Healthier, more productive plants and enriched, well-structured soil are worth the investment of time and resources required to properly mulch your garden. Dubai Repairs provides professional mulching services to help you establish and maintain a thriving garden.

Types of Mulch We Provide in Dubai

We provide several types of organic mulch for your garden in Dubai, including:

  • Pine needles: Pine needles are an excellent mulch for plants that prefer acidic soil. They help regulate soil temperature and moisture while improving drainage.
  • Shredded bark: As a popular and affordable option, shredded bark mulch helps prevent weed growth and protects plant roots. It decomposes slowly, enriching the soil as it breaks down.
  • Grass clippings: For a free mulch option, consider using your own grass clippings. Make sure clippings are dried before applying to plants. Grass clippings provide nutrients as they decompose and help retain moisture in the soil.
  • Composted manure: For nutrient-rich mulch, composted manure is an ideal choice. Fertilizing contributes to enhancing the soil’s composition and its ability to retain moisture. However, it may contain weed seeds, so monitor your garden for any unwanted growth.
  • Straw: Straw is an inexpensive mulch that helps prevent soil erosion and suppresses weeds. It allows for air circulation and moisture penetration. However, it may contain weed seeds, so it requires close monitoring.


By providing organic mulch options, we aim to help you create healthy growing conditions for your garden plants in an eco-friendly manner. Please contact us to discuss which type of mulch would suit your specific needs. We are happy to provide recommendations and estimates for mulch delivery and installation in Dubai.

Mulching Service FAQs: Common Questions About Mulching Answered

Do I need mulch for my garden or landscape?

Mulch provides numerous benefits for most gardens and landscapes. It helps the soil retain moisture, prevents weed growth, maintains an even soil temperature, and prevents erosion. Unless you have a specific reason not to mulch, applying organic mulch is recommended for most gardens.

What types of mulch are available?

The most common types of mulch include:

  • Organic mulches: Bark chips, pine needles, grass clippings, leaves, compost, etc. As they break down, they aid in soil improvement.
  • Inorganic mulches: Rocks, gravel, synthetic landscape fabric, plastic sheeting, etc. They do not decompose and are not incorporated into the soil.

How much mulch do I need?

As a general rule of thumb, apply 3 to 4 inches of mulch over the soil surrounding plants. Make sure not to pile the mulch directly against plant stems or tree trunks. The amount needed depends on the size of your garden or planting bed. It is best to buy slightly more than you need, so you have extra in case you need to re-mulch later in the season.

When is the best time to mulch?

The best time to mulch is usually in late spring after the soil has warmed up and annual weeds have been removed. Mulching in the fall can also be beneficial before the onset of winter. Avoid mulching immediately after applying fertilizer, as it may prevent nutrients from reaching plant roots.


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