Trampoline Assembly

Trampoline Assembly Service by Dubai Repairs

As a homeowner in Dubai, keeping your family entertained and active during the long hot summer months can be challenging. Purchasing recreational equipment like a trampoline is an excellent way to encourage outdoor fun, but assembling and installing the trampoline yourself may be difficult and time-consuming. For trampoline assembly in Dubai that is professional, affordable, and efficient, look no further than Dubai Repairs.

Trampoline Assembly

With over 15 years of experience providing premium repair and installation services to homes across Dubai, Dubai Repairs is your trusted source for trampoline assembly. Their team of skilled technicians can assemble your trampoline safely and properly so your family can start bouncing and enjoying your new backyard equipment right away. For trampoline assembly in Dubai you can depend on, call Dubai Repairs today.

Expert Trampoline Assembly in Dubai

As an expert trampoline assembly company in Dubai, Dubai Repairs can provide you with professional trampoline installation services. Our team has years of experience assembling trampolines of all sizes and brands.

Professional Assembly Team

Our assembly technicians are professionally trained to properly set up trampolines. They will assemble all parts like the frame pads, springs, jump mat, safety net, ladder, and any other included components. All tools and equipment needed for assembly are provided by our technicians.

Step-by-Step Process

The assembly process typically takes between 1 to 3 hours depending on the trampoline size. Our team will systematically assemble your trampoline following the manufacturer’s instructions:

  • Lay out all parts and components to ensure everything is present before starting assembly.
  • Connect the trampoline frame and legs. The frame is the circular part of the jump mat attached to it. The legs provide stability and support.
  • Attach the jump mat to the frame using trampoline springs. The springs are secured and spaced evenly around the frame.
  • Add any safety pads, netting, ladders, or other accessories. Pads cover the springs for safety, netting prevents falls, and a ladder provides easy access on and off the trampoline.
  • Do a final inspection to ensure everything is properly installed before allowing anyone to jump.

Our professional trampoline assembly service provides you with peace of mind knowing your trampoline has been set up correctly and safely so you can start enjoying it right away! Let our team handle the installation while you sit back and relax.

Why Choose Dubai Repairs for Trampoline Assembly?

Dubai Repairs has been providing reliable trampoline assembly services in Dubai for over 10 years. Our experienced technicians are trained to properly assemble trampolines of all sizes and brands according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We take great care to ensure your trampoline is securely installed for maximum safety, longevity, and performance.

Highly Skilled Professionals

Our technicians have years of experience assembling trampolines of all types. They are skilled at interpreting assembly instructions for different brands and models. You can have confidence that your trampoline will be assembled correctly the first time by our capable team.

Use of Proper Tools and Equipment

We provide all the necessary tools and equipment to assemble your trampoline efficiently and safely. This includes ratchets, spring tools, ladders, and more. We take safety seriously and our technicians follow proper procedures to avoid injury or damage during assembly.

Trampoline Assembly

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dubai Repairs stands behind its work 100%. If there are any issues with your trampoline assembly, we will send a technician to reassemble or repair it at no additional cost. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Convenience and Value

By choosing Dubai Repairs for your trampoline assembly, you not only save the time and hassle of assembling it yourself but also benefit from competitive rates. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to assemble your trampoline at your convenience, including evenings and weekends. Therefore, for a worry-free set-up experience, Dubai Repair is a clear choice.

FAQs: Trampoline Assembly Service in Dubai

Dubai Repairs provides professional assembly services in Dubai. Below are some of the most common questions we receive regarding our trampoline assembly service:

What areas do you service?

We provide trampoline assembly throughout Dubai, including areas such as Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim, Al Barsha, Arabian Ranches, and more. Our experienced technicians can travel to any location in Dubai to assemble your new trampoline.

How long does assembly take?

The time required for trampoline assembly depends on the size and complexity of your specific trampoline model. On average, assembly of a standard-size (10-14 ft) trampoline takes 3 to 5 hours.

Do you also offer trampoline disassembly and removal services?

Yes, in addition to trampoline assembly, we also provide full disassembly and removal services. Moreover, we can disassemble your existing trampoline, remove all parts from your property, and dispose of the trampoline for you. Disassembly and removal services are a convenient option if you are replacing an old trampoline or moving to a new home.

Trampoline Assembly


As you can see, Dubai Repairs takes the legwork and hassle out of trampoline assembly so you and your family can start bouncing and enjoying this fun recreational activity right away. Moreover, our team of trained technicians has accumulated years of experience in assembling trampolines properly and safely, ensuring that you can have peace of mind knowing that it has been done right. Moreover, for trampoline assembly in Dubai with minimal fuss and maximum enjoyment, Dubai Repair is a clear choice. Additionally, give us a call today at 0581873003 to schedule your assembly service and get your summer off to an uplifting start. Furthermore, with Dubai Repairs handling the setup, you’ll be jumping for joy in no time.

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