Kids Guitar Repair

Kids Guitar Repair by Dubai Repairs

Kids Guitar Repair: As a parent, your child’s interests and hobbies matter to you. When your little one develops a passion for music and wants to learn to play the guitar, you do everything you can to encourage and support them. You invest in a quality beginner guitar suited to their size and help them practice and progress. However, kids will be kids, and accidents happen. If your child’s guitar gets dropped or damaged, you want to repair it as quickly as possible so that they can get back to learning and playing.

Kids Guitar Repair

Dubai Repairs understands how important your child’s guitar is for their development and happiness. Our team of expert luthiers specializes in providing kids guitar repair services to restore damaged guitars to working order. We aim to ensure that your child’s passion for music can continue uninterrupted. With many years of experience repairing and restoring guitars of all types, Dubai Repairs is the name you can trust for fast, affordable kids guitar repair in Dubai.

Guitar Repair Services Tailored for Kids

Dubai Repairs provides professional guitar repair services tailored specifically for children’s guitars. Our skilled technicians have experience working with guitars of all sizes and are adept at handling the particular needs of smaller instruments.

Adjustments and Setups

We perform adjustments and setups on kids‘ guitars to ensure optimal playability. This includes adjusting the truss rod to correct neck bowing, lowering the bridge saddle for comfortable fretting and adjusting the nut slot heights for clean chord changes and proper intonation up the neck. The proper setup makes it easier for children to press down strings and achieve clear, ringing notes.

Fret Leveling and Dressing

The frets on children’s guitars often become uneven and sharp over time, making it difficult to play. Our technicians are experts at leveling and dressing frets, filing down any uneven spots, and polishing frets to a smooth, rounded contour. This repair makes the neck buttery smooth and prevents finger discomfort from sharp fret ends.

Electronics Repair

For electric guitars, we troubleshoot and repair any issues with pickups, pots, jacks, and switches. We can solder loose connections, replace faulty components, and ensure all electronics are functioning properly so your child’s guitar produces a clean, full tone. With professional repair and setup from Dubai Repairs, your child’s guitar will play and sound like new. Our services give children the best opportunity to learn and enjoy playing guitar.

Kids Guitar Repair

Qualified Luthiers Specializing in Children’s Guitars

To properly repair a child’s guitar, it is essential to find a skilled luthier with experience working on smaller instruments. At Dubai Repairs, we ensure that our repair technicians receive extensive training and possess the necessary qualifications to provide expert guitar repair services for children. Our luthiers understand the complexities of children’s guitars, including smaller frets, thinner neck profiles, lighter string gauges, and lower action. So, They are adept at performing adjustments and repairs that account for a child’s smaller hand size and lower hand strength. This includes tasks such as:

  • Filing down sharp fret ends to prevent discomfort
  • Lowering the action by adjusting the truss rod and bridge saddle for easier fretting
  • Replacing heavier strings with lighter gages that are easier to press down

Specialized Tools and Techniques

Our luthiers utilize specialized tools, parts, and techniques designed specifically for children’s guitars. This includes fret files and nut files sized for smaller frets, lighter saddle blanks, and tuners with higher gear ratios for smoother and more precise tuning. They are also highly proficient at “scalloping” and reshaping frets to suit a child’s needs.

By combining our specialized expertise, experience, and equipment with a caring, kid-friendly approach, our luthiers can properly diagnose any issues with a child’s guitar and perform necessary repairs to get the instrument back in proper working and playing condition. Your child will appreciate an expertly repaired guitar that looks, sounds and plays like new.

The most common repairs for kids’ guitars include:

  • String replacement: Old or broken strings are replaced. Children can be hard on guitar strings, so they may need frequent replacement.
  • Bridge and saddle adjustments: The bridge and saddle are adjusted to ensure proper string height and intonation.
  • Fret leveling or replacement: Frets that have become uneven or damaged are leveled or replaced. This prevents buzzing noises and ensures proper note production.
  • Tuning peg repair: We repair or replace stuck, loose, or broken tuning pegs to ensure that the guitar can maintain proper tuning.
  • Nut replacement: A worn or damaged nut is replaced to maintain proper string spacing and height.
  • Minor dents/scratches repair: Small dents, dings, or scratches in the body or neck are repaired and touched up. More serious damage may require body or neck replacement.
  • Setup and adjustment: The guitar is fully inspected, adjusted, and tuned to ensure optimal playability for a child. String height, intonation, and tuning stability are all addressed.


As you have seen, Dubai Repairs provides comprehensive guitar repair and maintenance services tailored for children’s instruments. Our technicians undergo extensive training and possess a wealth of experience in handling guitars specifically designed for kids. When you entrust your child’s guitar to us, you can rest assured that we will handle it with the utmost care and expertise.

Kids Guitar Repair

With Dubai Repairs, your child’s guitar is in good hands. Because our kid-friendly services ensure that the joy of playing and learning to make music at a young age will continue uninterrupted. Properly setting up, repairing, and maintaining guitars results in improved sound, enhanced playability, and an extended overall lifespan of the instrument. Dubai Repairs is helping children in Dubai develop a lifelong passion for music and empowering the next generation of musicians. So, For kids guitar repair and services, Dubai Repairs should be your first and only choice. We dedicate ourselves to delivering high-quality repair and restoration services for children’s guitars, ensuring that the music can continue to resonate endlessly.

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