Heavy LCD Mounting Service

Heavy LCD Mounting Service

Heavy LCD Mounting Service

A Heavy LCD Mounting Service By Dubai Repairs. Over the years television set-top boxes have become much bigger, much lighter, and a lot thinner, Long gone are the old CRT screens which were very bulky and heavy. New Technologies like Plasma Screens, LCD Screens, and more recently ultra-thin LED TV Screens have taken over and this has, in turn, made Wall Mounting TVs extremely popular.

Heavy LCD Mounting Service

There are some improbable benefits to having your LCD on the wall. Not only does it provide more resilience in where you place the TV. It is also a great way of freeing up some precious space. Some popular TV Installations we complete are above the fireplace, across the corner of a room, and floating. There is a scope of Heavy LCD Mounting Service available that perform an assortment of functions from apt your TV flat to the wall to allowing full articulation where the screen can be pulled away from the wall into a variety of viewing positions.

Dubai Repairs Provide Professional Heavy LCD Mounting Service

Here at Dubai Repairs, we don’t believe it’s just hanging a TV on the Wall, we will assist customers in making the best choices for their living situation, ensuring that they have a safe secure practical installation that is fit for their purposes. Dubai Repairs has a variety of TV Wall Mounting Services that offer alternative TV Cabling solutions.

Heavy LCD Mounting Service

Below is a brief introduction please click the links below for full specifications, Heavy LCD Mounting Service & Cable Management Solution Includes;

  • Fixed price no hidden charges!!
  • Wall mounting the TV bracket chosen by the customer.
  • Specialist Fixings for any wall type.
  • Surface-mounted cable channel (trunking).
  • No more sloppy wires everything will be in its place and organized properly
  • TV Set Up, Tuning, Calibration, and Connection to other devices.
  • Full Demonstration & Twelve Month Installation Warranty.

Heavy LCD Mounting Service & Hidden Cabling

This service also includes the concealment of all interconnecting cabling running from the wall-mounted TV to the other auxiliary devices and is suitable for all wall construction types including solid brick walls, dot & dab, plasterboard walls, and stud walls. All cabling as standard will exit a plain white brush plate behind your other equipment like SKY boxes, and DVD players. Service providers that very desired a minimalist look where the TV appears to float on the wall with no visible interconnections. Dubai Repairs Heavy Mounting Service is suitable for all sizes and types of flat-screen TV including LCD, LED 3D & Plasma TV screens.

Heavy LCD Mounting Service

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Hire us today for a professional Heavy Mounting Service and experience the benefits of having your TV securely and stylishly mounted on the wall. Dubai Repairs offers a range of TV Wall Mounting Services that include specialist fixings for any wall type, cable management solutions, TV setup and tuning, and a full demonstration of the installation. Our expert technicians ensure that all cables are hidden and organized properly, giving your space a clean and minimalist look. With our Heavy LCD Mounting Service, your TV will appear to float on the wall with no visible interconnections, suitable for all sizes and types of flat-screen TVs. Contact us today at 0581873002 – 0581873003 for a fixed price and no hidden charges.

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